In order to ensure your billing company’s financial health, you want to optimize financial performance for both your organization and your clients. The following complimentary resources will help you do just that.

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Key Metrics Guide Cash flow is just one factor in the financial health of a medical practice. There are other important metrics you should review when evaluating your practice's revenue cycle—and you don't have to be a financial wizard to understand them. Whether you're a clinician or a billing professional, you can use this guide to understand the four key metrics in revenue cycle management.
Seven Steps to Improving Revenue Cycle Management With reimbursements declining and costs increasing, managing your practice's revenue cycle has never been more challenging or important. Find out how you can improve your revenue cycle efficiency despite these challenges.

Download the white paper, Seven Steps to Improve Your Practice's Revenue Cycle Management, by nationally recognized revenue cycle expert and author Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC. You'll learn the detailed 7-step approach for enhancing your practice's revenue cycle performance.
The Daily Practice Website This website provides the latest practice management news, tips, tricks and resources.
Managing Your Revenue Cycle: What You Should Expect from Your Clearinghouse

Understanding how your clearinghouse should perform is crucial when it comes to revenue cycle management. Make sure you know what you should expect from yours.

In this resource guide, Managing Your Revenue Cycle: What You Should Expect from Your Clearinghouse, you'll discover:

  • The features your clearinghouse should provide
  • How to assess your current clearinghouse's performance
  • How to ensure your clearinghouse is ready for the ICD-10 transition
  • The importance of outstanding client service
Keep Your Revenue from Flatlining Today’s medical practices face a host of obstacles when it comes to ensuring timely, accurate payment. In this webinar recording, learn the most common stumbling blocks that practices face on the road to profitability and step-by-step tips to make sure you optimize revenue – and your bottom line.
Seven Steps to Improving Your Practice’s Revenue Cycle Management Learn the specific steps you can take to improve your practice's revenue cycle performance - even during these challenging economic times.
Reimbursement Reality 2014: The Challenges and Opportunities for Medical Practices

Industry expert and author Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC, discusses the 2014 reimbursement environment, including how to:

  • Leverage 2014's key changes
  • Handle the Affordable Care Act
  • Successfully participate in the government's incentive payment programs
Get Your Game On: Managing Denials in a Complex Reimbursement Environment

Learn how to develop denial management protocols for your practice, including preventing denials in the first place. In this one-hour webinar recording, industry-expert and author Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC, discusses how to:

  • Develop a successful denial management action plan
  • Understand and address common denials
  • Incorporate denial prevention strategies in your practice
Denial Management: Conquering the Challenges

Learn how to use your practice's denial data to influence change in your organization. In this one-hour webinar recording, you'll hear denial management expert, Tammy Tipton, discuss:

  • The most common sources of denials and denial avoidance techniques specific to these problematic areas
  • Assessing your practice's internal denial data reporting process and how that compares to other organizations
  • Incorporating denial management into your practice's workflow
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